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Hedgeye Risk Management has an elite group of analysts with both buy and sell-side experience, covering Macro, Consumer Staples, Energy, Financials, Gaming | Lodging | Leisure, Healthcare, Housing, Industrials, Internet & Media, Restaurants, and Retail with products ranging from Real-Time Alerts to Company Black Books.

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The Macro Team has well over a decade of experience with its core edge being its repeatable process and consisting of both quantitative risk management tools as well as qualitative research frameworks that are similar to the analytical methods employed by the world’s leading quant and global macro hedge funds. This allows the team to consistently produce timely and actionable investment recommendations that are differentiated from sell-side consensus.


Focused, deep-dive research on a relatively small number of companies selected from a large universe of names (all of energy) results in high-conviction, differentiated, and contrarian ideas. The team seeks market inefficiencies - where views of cash flows and earnings are significantly divergent from market expectations. Recent coverage includes $KMI, $LINE, and $BWP, among others.


The financials team has nearly three decades of collective experience as a dedicated Financial sector analysts with a strong combination of bottoms up model, and driven security selection in combination with macro thematic investing, all allowing the team to produce deep-dive analysis on high-conviction ideas. Recent coverage includes $FII, $TROW, $JNS, $NSM, $COF, BAC, $OZM, $LAZ, and $LM, among others.


The GLL team has nearly two decades of experience with an edge consists of heavy statistical modeling, contacts in Macau, Singapore and China; proprietary surveys on cruise pricing, cruise bookings, and hotel rates; and deep dive analysis on high conviction ideas. Recent coverage includes $LVS, $IGT, $RCL, $PENN, and $HLT, among others.


The Healthcare team has nearly two decades of experience with a process that relies on identifying high frequency data series that drive a company’s fundamentals and our models. The team has also developed a proprietary, web-based tool called “ he Macro Monitor” that helps quickly identify relationships across 1,500+ macro and fundamental data series. Recent coverage includes $HOLX, $HCA, $ATHN, $MDSO, $ILMN and $ZMH, among others.


The Housing team takes a top down approach to covering the residential real estate market, helping investors to front-run major inflections in the largest and most broadly held domestic asset class. The team provides hyper-consumable distillation of the high frequency housing macro data as well as deep-dive thematic, demographic and industry fundamental research. Their comprehensive coverage of the Housing sector represents the collective effort and expertise of Hedgeye’s U.S. Macro and Financial's team.


The Industrials team has well over a decade of experience covering the sector. The team is process-focused, with deep-dive work on a narrow set of individual 'outlier' names selected from the investable global universe. The research process focuses on industry-specific cyclicality, industry structure, and valuation. Recent coverage includes $MTW, $CAT, and $WAB, among others.


The Internet & Media team has nearly a decade of analytical experience with its edge in aggregating, deconstructing, and synthesizing the broadest array of data possible along with web scrapes, and surveys to identify opportunities. We don’t confuse theories, opinions, or assumptions with fact, and have produced deep dive analysis on $BABA, $P, $YLP, $TWTR, $EHTH and $WTW, among others.


The Restaurants team has over two decades of experience with an edge consisting of unparalleled coverage of the restaurant space; extensive bench of industry contacts and deep dive analysis on high conviction ideas, combined with the benefit of working with the Macro team to identify cyclical trends in consumer discretionary spending. The team has the regular ability to identify value creating opportunities that require a strategic thought process. Recent coverage includes $MCD, $SBUX, $YUM, $DRI, $HAIN, and $CAKE, among others.


The Retail Team has over two decades of experience in the Retail Sector. The team covers 130 names across the Retail landscape, and use a multitude of proprietary systems developed over the years to hone in on the biggest ideas across multiple durations. Recent coverage includes $RH, $KATE, $LULU, $KSS, $FL, $HIBB, and $TGT among others.

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